Are Scotchgard pre-protected furnishings safe?

Are Scotchgard pre-protected furnishings safe?

There is no doubt that in today's society the easiest way is the preferred way of doing things. Having your home furnishings pre-protected with Scotchgard before they are installed in your home is easy and convenient, but is having no control over the chemical treatment of your new upholstery worth it?  Read this before you decide, plus find out about a safe alternative to Scotchgard. 


Are pre-protected Scotchgard furnishings safe? 

First up let's have a quick chat about Scotchgard. After a lot of negative media attention surrounding their original Scotchgard formula containing harmful PFOS, the producers of Scotchgard 3M were forced to make changes to their product. The damaging PFOS were replaced with perfluorobutane sulfonate (PFBS). While 3M claim this new makeup is safe, the fact that PFBS can still enter the bloodstream creates a bit of uncertainty, especially with those trying to maintain a more natural, sustainable lifestyle. Got some big questions surrounding the safety of Scotchgard? Read more here. 
When it comes to their built-in protection range, Scotchgard and their partners offer the service of pre-protecting your furnishing with Scotchgard before it arrives into your home. Products available for this service include hardwood floorings, carpets, rugs, leather goods and home roofing. There is no doubt that this service is handy, but what’s got us hesitating is the great unknown. Exactly what treatment, and how much are they spraying? The uncertainty still surrounding the safety of their product and having no control over the quantities being applied is enough for us to question if the convenience is worth it. These pre-protected furnishings are not protected indefinitely and require a stain guard to be reapplied after a few years of use or after professional cleaning. This means you would need to ultimately pay for extra Scotchguard post-cleaning or purchase and apply an at-home protection anyway. 


A safer alternative to Scotchgard

Feeling stressed because you want your home protected from stains and spills but not at the cost of your health? The good news is there is a safe, sustainable alternative to Scotchgard. protectME fabric protection spray is eco-friendly, contains no harmful ingredients and no animal products. This sustainable upholstery stain protector is also easy to apply and lasts for up to 3 years! Got a large carpeted area that needs protection? Our battery operated pack is designed to get those larger jobs done quickly and without the wrist fatigue. protectME allows you to be in control of protecting your home against stains. 
Sometimes the easiest way isn't always what's best for you or your home. But luckily the safer alternative isn’t a big task. protectME vegan friendly spray keeps your fabrics stain free and protected for years to come after just one application. For more information about how eco-friendly products are the way forward, follow us on Instagram.
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