Couch covers: how to keep your couch stain free without them

Couch covers: how to keep your couch stain free without them

Part ways with your couch covers forever

Dear beloved couch cover, we’ve had a lot of fun times together. You’ve been by our side through countless parties and family movie nights. You were there when we brought our new pet home, shielding our couch from stains and spills. We are grateful for your service but we’re moving in different directions. We’ve found a solution to fabric protection that’s just more compatible with our lifestyle. This is goodbye.


Plastic-covered sofa protectors: It’s not me, it’s you.

Like with any relationship, there is a reason you thought this was a special kinship to begin with. Perhaps it was the safety you felt with a plastic cover’s ability to repel liquids off your couch. Or was it the cost effectiveness of shielding your sofas, by fashioning a cover from an old sheet yourself? You overlooked the fact that it hid your carefully chosen furniture and took all the attention in the room because you couldn’t stand to leave your fabrics bare.
But now the little things are starting to get on your nerves. The couch covers disagreement to your personal style. Its stiff and unwillingness to change shape, adapt to your new pieces. It’s clearly just not a good fit anymore. 
We’re all encouraged to pursue personal relationships that make us our best selves. Save the old sheets for your kids pillow fortes and become your happiest yet with lounge fabric protection spray. 

Fabric protector spray: The only stain guard for you

A non-toxic relationship is the one your couch deserves. Vegan friendly and odour free, protectME sofa fabric protector spray is undetectable and puts your furniture, not your covers, in the spotlight. Simple and easy to apply, our battery operated pack was specially designed to prevent wrist fatigue and ensure you get an even coat.  Feel like you are ready for a long term commitment? protectME lasts up to 3 years (and 30 machine washes for all your cushion covers!) so you can bring stain proof confidence to years of home entertaining.  protectME is the only kind of fabric protection you need in you life. The dreaded couch steam cleaning ritual can also be waved goodbye now that we’ve got you covered.

Staying loyal to your old couch covers will do you or your home no favours. Our non toxic fabric protector gives you the confidence to say goodbye to bad style and hello to stain free upholstery. Follow us on Instagram and keep up to date with other great ways to protect your home!

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