How to pet-proof your home

How to pet-proof your home

There’s no denying our beloved furry friends into our homes. Who can pass up cuddles on the couch, unconditional love and the company of a best friend after a long day at work. It’s all love, fun and games until an accident happens. These accidents will happen from time to time, and more frequently with puppies and kittens learning the dos and don’ts. Banishing your pets to the backyard is not the answer!

Pet-proofing your home is simple. Following a few precautions will ensure you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Invite the four-legged members of your family into your home with open arms, without the fear of ruined furniture, unpleasant odours and stains!


1. Protect your furniture with a non-toxic fabric protector

Muddy paws can be on the couch in an instant! The best way to prevent permanent marks and stains is to use a fabric protector for your furniture. Our eco-friendly stain stain guard is an ideal sofa protector, and can be used on a range of fabrics including leather, cotton, suede, synthetics, wool and silk. Apply it to your couches, cushions, ottomans and arm chairs, and let the living room become a stress-free environment for all the humans and animals in it! Dirt, drool and any other accidents can simply be wiped away with a paper or a dish towel.


2. Stain-proof carpets and rugs

Stumbling upon a little ‘surprise’ in the hallway or on the dining room rug doesn’t need to be the end of the world. Our non-toxic carpet protector spray offers high-tech liquid and stain proofing for your carpets and rugs. Your floors will maintain a natural look and smell, whilst repelling any urine, dirt or stains. Accidents are bound to happen, however the good news is- your carpets will live on long past the treacherous toilet training stage.


3. When accidents do happen: know where to turn!

The unfortunate truth is that urine can leave a potent, lingering smell even after many cleaning attempts. Most urine removal products only cleanse the surface, which temporarily masks the smell. We recommend using urineFREE to combat the source of the stain and eliminate it for good. With the best method of stain protection and removal, you can combat bacteria and bad smells from urine in your home once and for all.


4. Free your home from hazards

Protecting your pet is undoubtedly the most important part! Ridding your home of hazards, toxins and chemicals will give your pet the best chance at a healthy and happy life by your side. Pick up electrical cords, store all bathroom, kitchen and cleaning products in cupboards that are out of reach and ensure all rubbish bins are secured. By using a non-toxic fabric protector and urine removal product, your pets will be safe from exposure to harmful chemicals.

If you regularly use an aromatherapy diffuser in your home, choose your essential oils carefully. Avoid using tea tree, wintergreen, ylang ylang, pine, cinnamon, citrus and sweet birch when your pets are inside. Lavender and frankincense are best for both cats and dogs.

Pet proofing your home is essential for the wellbeing of your entire family. With the right precautionary measures and use of a non-toxic fabric protector, you’ll have more time for fun and games, and less stress when it comes to keeping your home looking and smelling fresh. Explore the full range of protectME products online and learn more about protecting your home and family!

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