Microfibre, velvet & suede couches: why clean when you can protect?

Microfibre, velvet & suede couches: why clean when you can protect?

You’ve just purchased the perfect new couch. Perhaps you were hesitant about committing to suede or microfibre, given their reputation taking to stains and spills. Nonetheless, you bit the bullet and purchased the couch that was calling your name.

What happens next? Do you wait around to deflect the first glass of soft drink that spills, or do you enforce a ‘no food or drinks’ rule that the entire family will rebel against when you’re not looking? Alternatively, you could just stay at home all weekend to steam clean the couch.  

What if we told you that none of this was necessary? Forget investing in an expensive fabric couch cleaner, and take a preventative approach instead. Protecting your couch with a fabric protector a one time job (it lasts up to 3 years depending on traffic and use), and will save you a lot of anxiety when you’re having friends over! Plus, our upholstery stain guard is non toxic, making it safe for your family, pets and even allergy sufferers.

Here is how to protect your precious new suede couch from day one with our water-based, non-toxic sofa protector.

 1. Spot test

Our upholstery and fabric protector is suitable for suede and microfibre couches, however it’s better to be safe than sorry! Apply the product to a small concealed area to ensure it’s colourfast.

 2. Coat the couch

Spray your suede couch in a back and forth motion until the suede/microfibre is moist. We recommend using one of our battery operated sprayers instead of the trigger spray for large surfaces like a couch or sofa, to avoid wrist fatigue and ensure even coating all over.

 3. Brush it gently & wait

We recommend using a soft brush straight away after the product has been sprayed on to raise the nap of the suede. 

We know you’re dying to sit back and relax on your new couch, but let the sofa protector coating dry for at least 12, and up to 24 hours.

 4. Test for coverage

Test the protection by spraying a small amount of water onto the couch. If small beads form on the surface, you’re good to go. If not, repeat steps 2 and 3 to guarantee top quality protection.


What if my couch is already a little pre-loved?

No problem! Either vacuum or steam clean the couch to remove excess dirt. Alternatively, if you’re looking to reduce your water usage, spot clean with a non-toxic fabric sofa cleaner. Once the couch is clean and you’ve removed all excess cleaning products, you can start with step 1!

Finally, it’s time to sit back and relax. Guess what? You can relax for up to 3 years before you need to worry about protecting the couch again. We think that sounds much nicer than the shocking gasp, jump and desperate dash for the cloth and cleaner after an accidental spill.

Cleaning a suede or microfibre sofa can be a tedious task, and we aim to make your life easier! Enjoy that new couch, protect it with a product that won’t harm your health or cost the Earth

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