Protecting your hiking & camping gear

Protecting your hiking & camping gear

Protecting your adventures

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or dutifully joining a long weekend camping trip with your significant other, you know that there is never a guarantee for perfect weather conditions. Rain can strike at any time and every good scout knows it’s best to be prepared. The difference between a fondly remembered camping trip and one you would rather forget is as simple as taking the time to protect some key pieces of equipment before you embark, so you can stay dry and warm. Let us show you how!


How to protect camping gear from the rain

There are 2 important steps in giving yourself the best possible chance of a dry camp:
  • Choosing fabrics suited to outdoors
  • Protecting with a water-resistant spray

It doesn’t matter if your camping style is ultra light or “everything but the kitchen sink”, there are certain materials that are better suited to fabric protection and should be considered when selecting equipment. Helpful key phrases to look out for when choosing gear and shell layers (the outer layer of your clothing) are “durable” and “breathable”. Stay away from denim and silks as your outer layers as these love to hold in moisture. 


Best water-resistant spray for outdoor fabrics

Leather, gore tex, canvas; whatever your material of choice, protectME is the best water-resistant spray for the job. Easy to apply, simply spray protectME on the material until it’s completely coated and allow to dry. Before venturing off into the wild we recommend you do a quick spot test. If droplets of water appear on the surface when sprayed, you can be assured you’re good to go. Not happy with the level of protection? Just repeat the process until you are confident. After application, our outdoor fabric water-resistant spray is good for up to three years (depending on use) and nature enthusiasts will love its non-toxic and vegan friendly ingredients. 


What can I protect with an outdoor fabric water-resistant spray?

As a general guide you want to protect any piece of equipment or clothing that can get wet. Rain, dew, snow; moisture is the enemy and you want to keep it away from your gear.
Tent- First and foremost your tent. It’s your home away from home and you want it to be as comfortable, ie: dry, as possible. Protecting your camping tent (make sure to test it after) will help avoid having to spend a rainy night in the car. 
Boots-If you’ve ever spent any amount of time with slightly damp shoes you can almost imagine the agony of multi day hiking in wet hiking boots. Protecting your hiking boots is essential for a successful trip and could be the difference between finishing a trail or turning back early. Avoid disappointment by taking the time to protect your hiking boots. 
Jacket-Chances are you didn’t bring an umbrella so your jacket will be your number 1 defence against the rain. Choose a style with a hood (the fur trim is best left off to avoid a soggy embellishment around your head) and add an extra layer of protection with protectME eco-friendly water-resistant spray. 
Backpack- Protecting your hiking backpack may be the most important job of all. If your bag is soaked, chances are everything inside it are also soaked. 
Post trip equipment care is essential in ensuring your expensive gear lasts more than a single holiday. If it’s been a particularly muddy adventure, brush or wash off all traces of dirt and let dry completely before storing away. 
Protecting your hiking and camping equipment is quick, easy and can be the difference between a wildly fun adventure or selling all your equipment when you return home. Head over to our blog for more great reads on how a little protecting can go a long way.
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