Protecting your snow gear with fabric protection

Protecting your snow gear with fabric protection

Staying dry in your snow gear

Snow holidays are a vacation of a special kind. Romantic notions of sipping wine by the fireplace, skiing bluebird days. Fast forward to 3 days in, your dreams have come crashing down when the only thing the fire place has been used for is to dry out your soaking ski clothes, and the sun hasn’t come out once. There is no doubt that snow is beautiful when it’s falling daintily from the sky, but it soaks everything that comes in contact with it. Don’t cut up your ski pass just yet, we’re going to share with you the secret holiday saviour of our ski gear - a water-resistant spray.

How to layer and protect your skiing gear

Just like you wouldn’t wear a ski jacket to a black tie event, you don’t want to wear silk on a snow day. Skiing has its own dress code and following it will ensure you stay warm, and all you beginners out there will look the part. Layers are your new best friend, designed to keep you dry and make the transition from slope to bar as easy as removing your ski jacket.
  • Base layer: Your base layers should fit closely to your body. Think thermal long sleeve tops, thermal leggings and a good pair of thick socks. Wool is a great base layer fabric as it is warm but also good at absorbing moisture when you work up a sweat on the slope.
  • Mid layer: This is the layer that will keep you warm. Choose a lightweight fleece jacket or wool sweater. Tops with zips also make it easy to shed layers when you hit the lodge for apres ski.
  • Shell layer: Your shell layer is the outside layer and this is going to protect you from the wind and from getting wet. First and foremost a good water-resistant ski jacket. Choose a longer jacket to prevent any snow getting under it if you take a tumble (don’t worry, even the pros fall down). Now just add ski pants, gloves and you’re almost ready to go. 

Protecting ski shell layers with a non-toxic water-resistant spray

Your shell layer is the one that will come in contact with snow so it’s essential that it is water-resistant. The good news is that you can stay in holiday mode as protecting your ski pants, gloves and jacket is super easy with protectME. Simply apply the eco-friendly spray to each of your items and allow to dry. Now you can hit the slopes knowing you’ll stay dry all day, and the fireplace can return to its rightful use of heating you at happy hour, not drying your clothes.

Protecting your snow gear is your best defence against a freezing, wet ski down the hill. Our ski gear water-resistant spray keeps you drier and up the mountain for longer. Keen to bring fabric protection into more aspects of your life? Check out our application pages to find out just how many things you can stain proof in your life.

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