The secret to long lasting children’s clothing

The secret to long lasting children’s clothing

How can I make my child's clothes last longer?

Dressing up for special occasions such as weddings and parties is always fun, but bringing out mini jackets and size 0 party dresses is pure bliss. Sticky fingers got you hesitating and thinking of stain removal before you’ve even left home? You’ve heard that soaking is great or maybe your baby could just wear a bib all day (and cover their cute clothes). Forget all that because fabric protection spray for children's clothing is the only secret you need to know. 


Fabric protector for kids clothes

Easily applied and machine washable for up to 30 washes, protectME fabric protector is the ideal way to water and stain proof kids clothes. protectME children's clothing protector is suitable for all kinds of fabrics, especially those hardier ones like denim, which are great for kids beginning to crawl. Simply apply in even coats and wait for it to dry! Children are almost guaranteed to find the only patch of mud at the venue, but you can relax knowing that dirt and liquids are simply wiped off and the garment thrown straight into the wash. No long soaks required! Other popular brands of fabric spray contain harmful PFAs which can irritate your child's skin. protectME is eco-friendly and contains no animal products. No nasties to be found here.
In addition to using protectME fabric protection spray, upcycling your children's clothes is a great sustainable way to prolong the life of childrens clothes. We love The Thrifty Issue’s ideas on giving new life to childrens clothing as they grow up. 

Don’t hold back when dressing your children up for parties or play dates. protectME children's clothing protector defends fabrics from stains and spills while you relax and enjoy your family time. Sounds good to you? View our full range of protectME products online and bring stain free confidence in your life today.

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