Upholstery cleaning services: why you don’t need them!

Upholstery cleaning services: why you don’t need them!

Upholstery cleaning services? No thanks! The dreaded deep clean with a professional team and their elaborate equipment is no longer necessary. We’ll tell you how your household upholstery can stay protected with a simple spray!

Save the cash and the stress, and allow your furniture to look its best for longer.


What do upholstery cleaning services usually include?

Although you’re hiring a professional to come in and do the work, you’re actually still required to do a significant amount of preparation. Before the professional upholstery cleaners can work their magic, you need to de-clutter, isolate the furniture, clear a path for the cleaners and their equipment and say goodbye to children and pets for the day.

Not ideal, right?

While the clean is thorough and can remove allergens and bacteria, it’s a lengthy process that most homes will realistically only manage to organise annually.


The alternative approach

You can save yourself time, money and the hassle by using an upholstery protector as an alternative. Our eco-friendly fabric protector is free from toxic chemicals, and acts as an invisible barrier against dirt, stains and liquids. Whether your living room is a popular venue for wine and cheese night, a pet friendly zone or a playground for the kids; you can rest assured knowing every accident or spill will be repelled.

Why are upholstery cleaning services a dying trend? Our upholstery protector is formulated using the latest nanotechnology from Germany, offering innovation in high-tech liquid and stain proofing. This outstanding new approach allows households to prevent upholstery damage, rather than having to beg for forgiveness when spills occur.

All you need to do is vacuum your upholstery and remove existing stains before applying the product. If your furniture is new, simply test a small area for colour fastness, then spray away until the surface is moist.



You won’t need to re-apply our upholstery protector for another 2-3 years.
The coating only needs 12-24 hours to cure.

Our water-based spray is free from dangerous chemicals, making it the best upholstery protector for households with allergy sufferers, children and pets.
Liquid spills will simply roll off the fabric, and your guests won’t feel eternal guilt for knocking over a glass of red wine.

You don’t need to organise, prepare and pay for upholstery cleaning services.
Ready to experience the benefits for yourself? Part ways with your professional upholstery cleaner and enjoy a far simpler way to protect the upholstery in your home. Learn more about our non-toxic fabric protector and its range of domestic and commercial applications!

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