Winter coats: protecting & care

Winter coats: protecting & care

Shorter days, extra blankets, winter has well and truly set in. The upside to this sometimes bleak time of year? It’s the season for winter coats. Floor length wool, (faux) fur lined hoods, maybe it’s leather, whatever your style winter is the time to show off your prize pieces. Winter doesn’t have to mean endless dry cleaning. Protect your coats with a water-resistant spray for winter jackets to help prolong the life of your coat and save you money! Read our simple guide! 


Winter fabrics suitable for a water-resistant spray

Cold weather and the unpredictable go hand in hand. A sure fine way to ruin your day is to be not only freezing but wet as well. Adding an extra layer of protection to your winter coat will both help prolong the life of your winter jacket and also ensure you literally survive the storm. protectME winter fabric protector spray is safe to use on:


The benefits of water-resistant winter coats

We know how much money and time went into choosing your style for this winter, and it can be nerve wracking using a water-resistant spray on wool coats, but protectME won’t change the look or feel of your fabrics. Your beloved coat belongs at home, not held hostage at the laundry waiting for a costly dry clean. Spill coffee or get caught in the sleet? Simply sponge the liquid off your coat! Treat yourself to a few extra hot chocolates with the money you saved from dry cleaning.

Winter also means Saturday sports for the children. You’ve protected your coat to stay cozy court side this season, so why not protect your kids sports jackets and tracksuits as well? protectME fabric stain guard  is machine washable for up to 30 washes. No more cringing at every stain!

Once the temperatures begin to rise again make sure you store your jackets properly, not just fling them in the bottom of the wardrobe. Sponge off any marks (this is easily done now that you’ve used a winter jacket water-repellent spray) and hang them on wooden or padded hangers.  
Embracing the cold and heading to the snow this season? Check out our tips on protecting your snow gear.

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