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Before applying protectME, vacuum any surfaces thoroughly & remove any existing stains. If you are applying to clothes or shoes, clean in cold water only to remove any traces of detergents or softeners. Be sure to remove any cleaning products prior to application.

How to apply protectME:

  1. Check your fabric: Shake well and apply to a small test area for colour fastness. Not all textiles are colourfast.
  2. Spray away: Spray an even layer from 10cm in a back & forth motion so that textile becomes moist.
  3. Wait for it: Allow a minimum of 12 hours for the coating to cure. In temperatures below 18°C allow up to 24 hours.
  4. Test for coverage: By spraying a little water on the textile. Small beads should form on the surface. If not, additional application may be required.

For more information, please read our How to use page.

For most standard upholstery and fabric surfaces we recommend using 100ml of fabric protector per M2 of surface per coat. It doesn’t need to be exact, just make sure the fabric is saturated with product. Please note saturating does not apply for leather, suede and velvet. We recommend a light spray and then gently “buffing” the product into the fibres with a soft, clean cloth. If you are spraying large areas, we recommend using our battery sprayer to ensure even application and avoid wrist fatigue.

Some fabrics will require a second coat of product to be applied with an additional 100ml of fabric protector per M2 within 30 minutes of the first application. These include but are not limited to:

  • Heavy or thick fabrics, as they tend to be more absorbent, such as heavyweight linen;
  • Textured fabrics or materials, like woven fabrics where the weave is particularly visible; rugs and carpets, especially shaggy type ones with long strands;
  • Outdoor fabrics, especially if not kept undercover or exposed to the elements;
  • Highly absorbent fabrics and materials, such as linen and jute ;
  • Napped or pile fabrics — please read ‘Does protectME work on napped fabrics such as velvet, suede or microfiber?’

If you are unsure about the type of fabric you have or have any questions, send our friendly customer service team a message and include a photo of your fabric and we’ll do our best to help you

protectME is a water based, non toxic fabric protector that is safe to use on most fabric or textile surfaces: cotton, suede, leather, synthetics, wool and silk to name a few. Different fabrics will require different amounts of product to be protected, please read ‘How do I know how much product to apply?’ to find out more.

Some precautions:

  • As some colour dyes are not colour fast, particularly rugs that are using vegetable dyes for example (usually vintage or handmade rugs), we recommend testing the surface in a small inconspicuous area for colour fastness prior to applying all over.
  • Please check to make sure the material you are wanting to treat is not “dry clean only”. Using a water based protector on dry clean only material can cause colour loss or fading, especially when there are natural dyes involved. It’s always best to check with the manufacturer if you are unsure of the care instructions.
  • If you have applied another fabric protector prior to using protectME, please read ’Can I apply protectME after applying another fabric protector?’.

If you have applied another fabric protector prior to using protectME, we recommend waiting until the other protector has worn off, especially if using a mainstream stain guard such as Scotchgard or Guardsman. This is usually about 12 months after application. This is because these fabric protectors sit on top of the fabric and will prevent protectME from bonding properly. Unlike these protectors, protectME is formulated with nanotechnology and will get into the fabric, forming a much stronger and durable protective barrier that lasts up to 3 years.

protectME has a pH resistance level of between 2-13 which most bodily fluids including urine, blood, sweat and vomit mostly are comprised in. Please note though, sometimes vomit can be slightly more acidic than 2 (meaning they will go below 2) and therefore not in the range that protectME can protect against. In this instance, we recommend removing the vomit as soon as you can and clean with any off the shelf spot cleaner. Once dry, we would recommend reapplying protectME to that area only.

protectME is primarily intended to repel liquid stains. It will certainly help cleaning oily stains (chocolate, tomato sauce, sunscreen etc) and dirt marks but we can’t guarantee that there will be no marks left. This is especially true when force is applied onto the fabric, i.e. fingers smudging chocolate all over your new couch. Please always use a light dabbing motion when trying to remove liquids from protected fabrics, trying to absorb the liquid or stains into a cloth, rather than scrubbing with force.

With protectME, you are able to wash up to 30 washes and treat with a standard spot treatment as long as the pH levels of the cleaner are within 2-13. You can also steam clean the material as protectME can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees celsius.

protectME can be used on velvet, suede or microfibre and most fabrics with a nap such as melton, flannel, serge, camel’s hair, sweatshirt fleece, brushed denim, mohair, lamb’s wool, velveteen, corduroy, fleece, terry cloth, or fake fur. We recommend using a soft brush to help raise the nap of the fabric and ensure even product distribution, once protectME has been sprayed on.

You can read our blog post about velvet here

protectME can be used on rugs and carpets. Most of them will require two coats of fabric protector, because they are made of thick and absorbent materials. This is all the more true if the rug or carpet has got a high pile — shaggy rugs are the perfect example. We recommend brushing the rug or carpet with the back of a broom in a back and forth motion after you have sprayed protectME on the surface area, to ensure even coating. Applied properly, protectME will be able to coat each individual strand of material, making the fabric water repellent and stain proof. However, liquids can still get in between the strands, so always be very careful and meticulous when dabbing off liquids.

It is best to clean up liquid spills as quickly as possible and with the least amount of force possible. Please always use a light dabbing motion when trying to remove liquids from protected fabrics, trying to absorb the liquid or stains into a cloth, rather than scrubbing with force. This is all the more true for oily stains, please see ‘Does protectME protect against oily stains and dirt marks?’.

No, protectME does not smell, it’s completely free of fragrances or masking scents, unlike traditional fabric protectors. For more information about ingredients, please read the dedicated page.

Most traditional fabric protectors have a very strong chemical smell and require the area to be evacuated during and after treatment has taken place (never a good sign, is it?). protectME is completely odourless and does not release any fumes during or after application. If you can, we always recommend to spray your items outside, to avoid accidentally spraying other areas or items you may not want to.

Please read our How to apply page for more information.

Being a water-based fabric protector, the surface will normally be dry after 3-4 hours. Please note that it will take 12-24 hours to fully cure, depending on the temperature.

Our eco-friendly fabric protector will typically last for up to 3 years before a reapplication is required, which is about 3 times longer than most traditional fabric protectors. Be mindful of semi-regularly checking areas that are exposed to more abrasion — for example, that one spot where you sit on the couch every day.

Our non toxic fabric protector is UV stable and will not break down when exposed to UV rays (even Australian ones), unlike other fabric protectors. However, this does not mean that fabric colours won’t fade in the sun — this is because to achieve this, we would need to include an agent that makes fabrics look waxy in our formulation.

Despite our water-resistant coating being UV stable (does not break down when exposed to UV rays), it does not prevent fading of the fabric colours in the sun. This is because to achieve this, we would need to include an agent that makes fabrics look waxy in our formulation. Applying our eco-friendly fabric protector (or any other fabric protector for that matter) does not increase the SPF rating of a fabric or textile.

We don’t recommend applying protectME to “dry clean only” fabrics as our fabric protector is water based and using our product on materials like this may cause slight colour loss or fading.

Our eco-friendly fabric protector is resistant to abrasion and machine washable (up to 30 washes). It’s also resistant to steam cleaning (up to 180°C)and commercial cleaning.

With protectME, you are able to wash up to 30 washes and treat with a standard spot treatment as long as the pH levels of the cleaner are within 2-13. You can also steam clean the material as protectME can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C.

protectME is made with pure silica (SiO2), an inert substance found in nature in things like sand or quartz; and that is already in use in many products such as glass or the water we drink. We only use non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients, and our fabric protector spray is water based. Maybe more importantly, ingredients we do not use (and that you really don’t want to spray in your house):

  • PFAS, also known as PFOA, PFOS, PFCs/Fluorocarbons, GenX,
  • No parabens, sulphates, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine, soap, alcohol or dyes,
  • Fragrances or colours.

For more information, please read our Ingredients page or ask us for our Safety Data Sheet.

If you would like to read our Safety Data Sheet, please contact us or check the Ingredients page.

PFAS or polyflurorinated alkyl substances are highly toxic synthetic chemicals, which are harmful to our health and the planet. They are also known as PFOA, PFOS, PFCs/Fluorocarbons or GenX.

They are present in most traditional fabric protectors. They have been shown to have a causal link to changes in the liver, thyroid and pancreas, as well as hormonal changes, which can lead to potential cancer risk. PFAS are very persistent in the environment and in the human body – meaning they don’t break down and they can accumulate over time.

For more information, please read our Ingredients page and

Yes, our eco-friendly fabric protector is made without animal testing and doesn’t use any animal products.

Our technology was developed in Europe and our products are made in Australia. We are a family business based in Melbourne, Victoria.

protectME is a nanotechnology fabric protector, whereas other traditional fabric protectors are not. The key differences are:

  • protectME lasts 3 times longer than other protectors. Mainstream stain guards typically last about 12 months, whereas protectME will go up to 3 years — a much more cost effective solution.
  • Once applied, protectME is embedded in the fabric strands, whereas mainstream protectors will simply sit on top of the fabric. protectME is more resistant to abrasion and exposure to UV rays, and has a higher level of coverage.
  • protectME won’t release toxic fumes during and after application, simply because it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. Our water based solution is non toxic, safe for your family and for the environment.

protectME is a water based fabric protector, which means that is it not solvent based and won’t release any fumes unlike other protectors. Our protector is made with pure silicon dioxide, an inert substance that surrounds us in nature as sand or quartz; the most abundant family of materials on Earth. For more information, please read our Ingredients page.

Our non-toxic fabric protector is the preferred choice for those suffering from allergies. It is odourless. For more information on ingredients, please read the Ingredients page.

We only use BPA free and highly recyclable plastic, including our labels. We have chosen PET and HDPE plastic bottles as they are easily recyclable and accepted through most recycling plants. We offer bulk sizes to encourage refills and limit the amount of plastic used. We are a conscious business trying to reduce our impact on the planet, and always striving to improve.

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns, we’re only an email away.

Yes, it is the first criteria we have as a family owned business when developing our products. They must be safe to use around kids and animals.

For more information on ingredients, please read the Ingredients page.

Yes, we ship internationally to most countries. If you're shopping from the US, please visit our US site here. If shopping internationally, we highly suggest purchasing Route, our shipping insurance partner, to ensure you're 100% covered for any loss or damages. If you choose not to use Route, any damage, loss, theft or other issues associated with delivering your parcel will not be covered by Start Bio Solutions. We do not cover any costs associated with tax or duties on arrival.

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Shipping to Australia:
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Shipping internationally:
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Express Post is available as an upgrade at checkout via Australia Post.
Australia: 1-4 business days
International: 6-10 business days

Custom fees or import duty may apply to your shipment depending on your country of residence. Start Bio Solutions cannot be held responsible for such fees and taxes. Please check your local import regulations.

If your order has been damaged during transport, and you purchased Route insurance, please file a claim using this link.
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Route Protect protects your orders against loss, theft, or damage in transit with instant resolution. You can also utilise the Route App to visually track all of your online orders in one place and easily file a claim with their team. Whether you’re tracking via the Route App or online, Route’s real-time shipping updates keep you in the loop throughout every part of your delivery.

You can purchase Route as a separate add-on to your shopping cart/existing order, pay a small insurance premium to protect your order from loss, theft, or damage.

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